Clubs, movies & more

At the movies 

As life starts to return to some degree of normality it will be great to be going back to the movies. If you’re a lover of French films then make sure you check out The French Film Festival upcoming at the Ballina Fair Cinemas. Running from 22-24 October inclusive there are five wonderful French films screening. Visit the website for full details.


One of my favourite directors is Ridley Scott. Check out his new film The Last Duel opening 21 October. Starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the early reviews on this have been terrific and it had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Also upcoming is Halloween 2 (28 October) and the big new Marvel film Eternals on 4 November. 

Live Theatre 

Our friends at NORPA have taken quite a hit with COVID with many of their recent productions having to be cancelled. However, from 12-16 October you can check out Throttle at the Lismore Rugby Club. You watch it though your car windscreen, lit by your headlights and listened through the car radio. It's drive-in movies revisited, but its live. What a hoot! It’s limited to five people per car and costs $120 a car. Check out the NORPA website for more details.